At Niche Guardian (NG), we are very selective with our partners and our aim is always to build a long-term relationship built on quality and trust.

We work with 2 types of partners: Strategic Business Partners and Solution Partners.


Strategic Business Partners

POST TELECOM | Luxembourg state-owned company


Telecom Operator – IPTV Operator

NG Partner since 2008.

Relationship: NG has developed a several innovative "Digital Media Solutions" in the field of Business TV, Digital Signage and Streaming. More recently NG integrated IoT Technologies into their Digital Signage solution portfolio. This alliance has successfully capitalized in reciprocally developing in Luxembourg innovative digital media solutions unique in their field of applications. The innovative concept of “Digital Signage on Demand” also known as DSoD, has been widely accepted by our customers. It provides an end2end Digital Signage experience.


TECSOFT INFORMATIQUE | French privately owned


Software developing company, privately owned.

NG Partner since 2006.

Relationship: NG is Tesoft's exclusive Digital Signage and Business TV Solution provider/integrator/training/support center in Luxembourg and Germany.


Solution Partners

Philips Professional Display Solutions | International Display Manufacture


Philips Professional Displays are manufactured by TP Vision is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPV Technology, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which develops, manufactures and markets Philips branded Displays in Europe and abroad.

NG Partner since 2012.

Relationship: NG has a “Gold Partner” status at Philips. Philips Professional Display produce excellent quality equipment, providing an outstanding support. Niche Guardian likes their reactivity and the detailed attention they give to companies of our size. Philips and Niche Guardian share the same values and together we continue building innovative bundled solutions to the benefit of their reciprocal customers.


Q-BETTER LTD | Portuguese privately owned company


Software developing company

NG Partner since 2016

Relationship: For more than 2 years, Niche Guardian has been looking for a talented innovative partner in the field of “Customer/Citizen Flow Management Solutions”. We found Q-Better Ltd a Braga-based (Portugal) software company that has developed a unique in its kind real-time customer flow management solution that fits with our visons. Niche Guardian invested time and materials to tailor and translated Q-Betters solutions to fit the local market language culture and needs.


VIMP GMBH | German privately owned company


Software developing company

NG Partner since 2014

Relationship: Back in 2014, we partnered with the VIMP to complete our streaming and video on demand solution portfolio in which we branded KISS (Keep It Simply Streaming). VIMP encompasses all our requirements to deliver to our customers a fully featured high value “Video Content Management System” allowing our customers to run their own private video portal including media assets such as audio, photos, documents and livestreaming features.