About us

Hi, I am Nathan Tiburzio, Founder and Managing Director of NICHE GUARDIAN, a privately-owned company in Luxembourg.

We have developed over 13 years of expertise in the field of Multimedia and we allow our customers to communicate any kind of information to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

"We display and deliver your content everywhere."

‘Display’ by providing Digital Signage Solutions to customers,and ‘deliver’ by using streaming/broadcasting solutions to bring content to the target public.

This serves both internal and external communication. For instance, we have a customer that uses our solutions nationwide through their shops to reach their customers, nevertheless they also successfully communicate internally, using our solution as an Internal News Channel to quickly pass important information to employees.

We can aggregate information from all kinds of sources such as the Luxemburg Government open data portal or any other API or information feed. Today we already have a distinctive library of ready2use services like weather forecast real-time mobility information, etc. We even go one step further and include the latest IoT technology to gather real-time information from all kinds of connected devices such as parking sensors, alarm systems, etc.

In 2014 we adopted an innovative approach towards the provision of Digital Signage Solutions. This End2End solution we call it “Digital Signage on Demand” .

By choosing to work with NICHE GUARDIAN, our customers have a one stop shopping solutions provider starting from Graphic Design going though IT integration and Support. If a display has an issue, we can intervene the same day.

At NICHE GUARDIAN, we are eager to be challenged, in the field of making information, wherever it may reside, available to their communities.

Contact us through LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter… so we can work on something unique.